My problems started when I had an auto accident. I had immediate pain and initially tried the MD route, including lots of medication and physical therapy. Not only did this treatment not work, it made the problems worse. After I started treating with Dr. Atkinson, the numbness in my arm is almost gone, my headaches (7-8 hours long) are totally gone and my vision has cleared up.

I have found that in order to continue to function on a day to day basis, without all of the medication, while still maintaining a good quality of life, I have to keep up my treatments with Dr. Atkinson. The benefits far outweigh the inconveniences and therefore I travel all the way from Las Vegas, Nevada where I live, to Mesa, Arizona to see Dr. Atkinson. I have found no other doctor who has been able to help me like he has. Thank you Dr. Atkinson.

D.D., LV, NV

I have had back pain for 40+ years. I have seen medical doctors and orthopedic specialist who showed me stretching exercises, went through physical therapy and prescribed medications. All this and I received very little if any relief.

Since starting care with Dr. Atkinson, I have had a reduction in my overall pain, improved neck range of motion, and able to do physical labor without pain. I have also seen an improvement in my sleep habits.

My every day comfort level has been restored under Dr. Atkinson’s care. I still do a monthly maintenance adjustment, take some supplements, and I am able to play golf without pain during or after my games.

W.F., Sun City, AZ

My back problems started back in 1968 when I experienced severe back pain. My father, who was a Medical Doctor and Surgeon, referred me to a specialist. They admitted me to the hospital and placed me in traction. Seeing this was not working, a friend of mine snuck me out of the hospital and took me to his Chiropractor. He crunched, twisted, and whatever else he did; but I was able to walk back into the hospital before my father found out that I was gone. The only counsel the doctors gave me was not to lift heavy stuff. As a small business owner that advice is oft times difficult to follow.

Recently I found myself with a lot of stiffness and pain in my back and neck. A good friend referred me to Dr. Atkinson. In a short period of time I found myself with notably less pain and stiffness, even while lifting things I know I should not. I also found my range of motion not only had less pain, but I could turn my head more and see who/what was beside or behind me while I was driving.

Dr. Atkinson, I’m not dead yet: please keep me pain free and active!

E.L. Phoenix, AZ

For several years I have had constant pain in my left leg and foot. The pain was due to a herniated disc in my lower back. I had surgery on the back three years ago, after which I felt great. I had no pain, and thought I was cured. However I found as time went on, the symptoms began to return. I spoke to my Medical Doctor about this and he prescribed medication to relieve the pain. The medication caused me to feel out of control of my body and mind. So I stopped taking them and dealt with the constant pain on my own for the past two years.

While getting a physical from my Naturopathic Physician, I was told if I wanted to fix my leg pain I needed to see Dr. Atkinson.

Immediately after the first treatment I knew something had changed. I could feel less pain in the foot. After the second treatment I felt like at least 30% of my foot pain was gone.

Dr. Atkinson is true to his works and words. He takes time to explain any and every question that is important to you, to help you through the process. I am very pleased, and I know he can and will see it through .

M. R. Waterville, ME

I have had ongoing low back problems for several years. I have seen MD’s, Neurosurgeon, Chiropractors and a great Naturopathic Doctor who referred me to Dr. Atkinson.

The other doctors did physical therapy, gave me exercises, and had the adjustments that gave me relief from the severe pain. However, I still had the back problems from chronic abuse from my posture at work.

Dr. Atkinson is a kind, compassionate, and very through doctor who went beyond my expectations in treating me. I had a very detailed exam of my back and everything that was related to it. His adjustments seemed to get to the root of my back problems much more than any other chiropractor had been able to do prior. He gave me exercises to do at home and work that helped me to improve my posture and maintain the changes he was making in my back.

I have finally had relief of my back and neck pain, better posture, increased energy, better nutrition and better sleep!

It wasn’t easy but well worth it!

JK, Gold Canyon, AZ

By the way, the chiropractor I am seeing here was singing your praises when he compared the new xrays he took to the ones from you. He said he could see noticeable improvement in the work you did on my neck…:-) I think he is a good doctor, but not nearly as thorough as you are!

Now living in IL

After having been through almost every other treatment available from drugs to injections. I am finally experiencing pain relief due to the care and treatment received … from Dr. Atkinson

I knew that there had to be some way to correct my problem and that I didn’t have to spend my life in pain. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to you.

Not only has the treatment in the form of adjustments & the McManus table been very helpful, but also the exercises & patient education on body mechanics have helped me be aware of how to help myself. Your explanations have really helped me understand & put into action things that help me experience less pain & improve my overall well-being.


D.H. Phoenix, AZ

P.S. Anytime I know someone complaining about neck or back pain, I give them your number & tell them to do themselves a favor & call.

I was referred to Dr. Atkinson by my parent’s daytime caregiver. At the time I was experiencing tightness and pain in the lower back that radiated down my leg. After my first treatment I noted a 30% decrease in my pain. However, in the demands with my work, I had a significant flare-up. Dr. Atkinson and I discussed possibilities of my problem and I had an MRI done. The MRI showed a piece of my disc had broken off and was floating around my spine. My primary care doctor and Dr. Atkinson recommended that I have surgery to remove the fragment.

I had the surgery yet I continued to have back pain. I waited a few months and talked with my Surgeon, who said he does not usually recommend chiropractic care, but that because of the arthritis in my back, it may help.

I came back to Dr. Atkinson, and we reviewed my new MRI and decided that it was time to complete the care I needed. Within 5 visits I can’t believe that my back pain is 80% better and I don’t feel like I need my pain medication any more (800mg Ibuprofen)!!

Yes, I am very pleased with my results!

D.G., Mesa, AZ

My back problems started back in the 70’s when I hauled 300-pound cables over my shoulder for work. I had intermittent back problems ever since. Each episode usually would last several weeks and would require me to lay on my back on the floor for relief and usually included at least 1 week being totally incapacitated in bed. I have tried the MD, DO and Orthopedic routes, including medication and physical therapy. The muscle relaxants did very little to fix the problem, heat and electrical stimulation seemed to be the most effective at that time. I had another episode that put me back in bed. The third day I was able to get up and make it into Dr. Atkinson’s office. After the Examination and an X-Ray he was able to pin point my problem and within 3 days of treatment I was able to start my new job with very little pain or tightness.

“It’s a miracle!” For a problem that usually takes several weeks to suffer through, I was up and working within a week when I saw Dr. Atkinson. I have found no other doctor who has been able to help me like he has. Thank you Dr. Atkinson.

M. K. Mesa, AZ